Video Subtitling

Video subtitling is an intensive challenge in distilling complex ideas into a few words. The translator must render the spoken word into an accurate, easy-to-comprehend package for the audience. And, don’t forget the rule of thumb for subtitling: two lines of text per sequence, and each one should not exceed 42 characters, including spaces. Sound tricky? Our experts have elevated these mental gymnastics into an artform.

Samples of Our Work

In 2011, the Four Seasons Resort Provence launched its training centre for high-level golfers. The original video was created in European French, and La Boîte à mots developed subtitles in English. Here’s the result:

In the following example, the Canadian Virtual Hospice wanted to increase the national reach of its popular video “A Story About Care,” which had gone viral online in English. La Boîte à mots was asked to subtitle the video in French. See for yourself:

In this last example, Canadian Geographic hired La Boîte à mots to subtitle the video biographies of its Canadian Environment Award winners. The videos were used at the awards gala and posted online at Canadian Geographic. Speaking in both French and English, this award winner presented a unique subtitling challenge:

If you would like to see additional samples or learn more about our video subtitling services, please contact us.